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Generate More Revenue & StayInfront Of Your Customers

Show Up Where It Matters

Whether Your Customer Is Searching Locally, In Google, Bing Or On Social Media


Focus on your local market with Google s Local Service Ads. This method is a pay per lead set up that will allow you to advertise your business at the tippy top of Google s search pages.


From direct to consumer all the way to business to business, you are more than likely going to find your potential customer on social. Targeting demographics to highlight your company or retargeting the traffic that was on your website boost your revenue with Social Media Advertising

Segmentation Growth

Focus in on your the terms that your potential customers are search for. By focusing in on your keywords and demographiscs Google and Bing will allow you to show up in the paid section at the top of the search pages.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Ads

Focus On The Metrics That Will Grow Your Bottom Line

At the foundation of every successful advertising campaign is tracking the right data and results. Here at VIM Web Solutions we focus on setting up your analytics so we are able to set the propper KPI s (key performance indicators) that will allow us to continuously optimize your campigns for sustained growth and scalablility. We regularly track things like: What Keywords are performing the best, Which campaigns are are generating the highest ROAS (return on ad spend), What is the average cost per click, How is the ad converting, And what is the cost per acquisition. By tracking these metrics we are able to make your campaigns work for you. Whether we are focusing on Google Ads or retargeting your traffic on Facebook, we regularly run tests to make sure that we can tweak and fine tune your account to get the most return on your investment

What A Successful Email Marketing Strategy Looks Like

Focusing On The Fundementals Of Email Marketing Gives Your Strategy A Competitive Advantage

The websites we build begin with your customers in mind. That means
we take the time to understand your customers journey. Then we
create our content and designs with SEO (the users experience) from
the very begining. Allowing your website to not only be found in search
engines easily, but also with a focus on generating as many sales as
possible from the traffic you earn

Managing Campaigns

Our team takes the time to work directly with you to help define and create your ongoing email campaings. Our team takes care of all the copywriting, designing and integrating your email strategy with you monthly marketing plan.

The Audit, Setup and Initiation

We take the steps to help get your email campaigns off the ground. In order to take your strategy to the next level we implement a strong foundation and make sure everything is organized front to back

Managing Automations & Workflows

Workgin directly with you and your current data, we identify the sales funnel your customers flow through. Then we target where the weakest parts of that funnel is to make sure your marketing automation matches your customers journey and helps get more customers to the finish line

Segmentation & Growth

We dont just stop at the set up and execution of your campaign. Our team will work directly with your developers or can implement features directly into your current marketing plan to help grow your customer list and get more people into the funnel.

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Why VIM Web Solutions

After years of experience working with fortune 500 brands like Dell, Verizon, Gartner, MasterCraft, and HarleyDavidso. We have the experience it takes to take your company to the next level.
For the same price as a marketing manager, hire a full team of specialists. So you can focus on growing your business. Our mission is to empower business owners to do their best work and earn the customers they deserve


When you decide to work with VIM Web Solutions, we
won t turn around and sign one of your competitors.
We value our partnerships as a partner, we are
exclusively yours


We make sure that you recieve the focus and
attention you deserve. Not to mention you have
access to our SEO experts, copywriters, designers,
web developers, and PPC Specialists


Your VIM Web Solutions team comes from various
agencies and we know the importance of transparency.
When working together you will know where your
marketing and advertising dollars are being spend

Expert Team

Our team focuses on what we know best. With
specialization our team is able to help provide the
best results possible.

Reporting & Analytics

From tracking leads, conversions, and sales to
analyzing your websites data. We are able to
understand what works the best and continuously
optimize your digital presence for consistant growth

Comprehensive Approach

Growing your traffic and increasing conversions is
our goal. Our strategies address all aspects of your
digital presence to ensure that your company
recieves the most visibility and growth possible

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