How To Write the Perfect Meta Description

How To Write the Perfect Meta Description

Looking for How to rank in Google? Or SEO optimization? How could it be possible? By using a well-written Meta description.

Meta descriptions give a view of your content, compel the viewers to click on your page, and let them get to know more about your site. Meta descriptions consist of just about 155 to 160 characters, but they are just enough for viewers to decide whether they should click on your page or not. As they are key to the decision viewers make to either click on your website or not, Meta descriptions should be well written, decisive, and to the point. 

Just below, we have outlined the ways to create a captivating Meta description. It will be extremely helpful for you and allow you to dominate the Google rankings!

What Is A Meta Description?

A Meta description is a snippet consisting of about 155 to 160-character and summarizes the entire content of your site or page. Search engines display these Meta descriptions in their search results and tell visitors what that specific page offers them. When searching, most users will be briefly skimming the Meta descriptions of the results looking for something relevant to their search.

Through Meta descriptions, the visitors get an “about the content” and decide whether they should click on that site or not. Remember that the search engines can show your site on the search engine result pages (SERPs) even if the Meta description does not contain all the searched keywords. So, these meta descriptions can play a crucial role in driving traffic towards your site. 

The Meta description is not a ranking factor like page titles are, but they can play an influential role in on-page SEO. The Meta descriptions are shown in the page code as: <meta name+ “description+>.

How To Write A Perfect Meta Description?

Now as you are familiar with the Meta description and know how important they are, it’s time to learn the way you can write the perfect Meta description:

Important Information

Meta descriptions give an idea about your site’s content, and the visitors can decide whether they want to choose your site or not. Therefore, it is recommended to put vital information first.

Use Keywords

You will want to be sure to use at least one of the most critical keywords in your Meta description. The search engines bold those keywords that match the search queries and make it very easy for the viewers to find the best option!

Meta Description Should Be Conversational

You are writing the Meta description for people, not for the search engines or algorithms. Therefore, always write them conversationally and use natural language as it communicates your message better.

Length Of Meta Descriptions

Keep the length of the Meta description up to or under 160 characters. If you have written a longer description, Google will chop the end off. As a result, the Meta description would fail to provide complete information. It is always recommended to place the keywords towards the beginning.


The Meta Description is an introduction of your content to the searchers. Therefore it must be gripping. Though it is not a part of SEO, it can play a crucial role in SEO optimization. While writing the Meta description, always keep it conversational, short, and don’t forget to include the keywords.

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