Marine Marketing Services


  • Channel your most popular search terms.

  • Increase visibility and traffic to your website.

  • Turn that traffic into measurable results.

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    Search Engine Optimisation

    Keep in-front of your customers with regular posting on Google My Business. Show up first in search results and showcase your products and services.

    Pay Per Click ( PPC )

    VIM is a leading PPC agency that uses paid search to drive sales for your business. Whether you want to increase conversions, website traffic, or both, our tech-enabled PPC management services will help you achieve your goals and maximize your ROI from PPC.

    Social media management

    Attract targeted followers to then convert them into loyal customers while telling your brand’s story and highlighting your company

    Email marketing

    When it comes to generating and converting leads, there isn’t a more powerful digital marketing tactic than email marketing.

    Call campaign

    Pay Per Call emphasizes to potential customers that your business is readily available through the device they are most attached to: their mobile phone.

    SMS Marketing

    SMS Marketing is the latest invention of marketing because the number of mobile users today are much more then the viewers, readers or listeners through other mediums.

    Website design and development

    Grow your business by showcasing your company online. Allow more people than ever before to find your products and services

    Partner with a marketing company that has over 40 years experience in the marine industry - and get real results for your business.


    With over 40 years experience in the marine industry, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses to help move the mark on their growth goals. We’ve been mastering SEO for years, and some of us have been doing it since it ever even became a ‘thing’.


    From content experts to development wizards, Our team is full of ambitious, experienced people ready to move the mark for your business. Plus, we’re a Google Partner, which means we’re always up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and advice from Google.


    Many digital marketing agencies promise to move the mark for your business with no benchmarks or reference points for what your success looks like. VIM Web Solutions delivers measurable results on key metrics that make sense for your business.

    Let’s Tie Up

    There are millions of people using the internet and making searches on search engines—thousands of them likely searching for your boats, pro shop, accessories and services. Get discovered by the right people for the right reasons.

    We Will Fill Up The Tank!

    (you’re marketing tank – gas prices are to high to top off everyones boat)

    Getting your marketing strategy dialed in is a vital step for increasing sales and growing your company. First we have to identify the behaviors and buying patterns of your consumer. Consumers typically are not purchasing boats every year, They will research the boat of their dreams and then when the time is right they they make the investment.

    Once they have the boat that new boater needs the help of a dealership. From regular maintenance, seasonal storage, hooking them up with the newest gear from the pro shop, and educating them on best practices and boaters edict.

    The Most Common Steps To Succes

    Get your business in front of the right people

    Stay in front of your ideal customer and provide them with ongoing value.

    Get increased traffic and leads aiding in overall business growth.


    More Customers… It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1.Web Site Content / SEO

    Focus on the keywords that your customers are searching for, then develop content that will provide value to your customers.

    2. Social Media

    Develop brand awareness, build relationships, and increase your web exposure. A strong connection with your audience is key to increasing sales. We’ll help you build engagement (likes, comments and shares) on social media posts so that stronger relationships form between each other which ultimately leads them back into buying.

    3. Customer Nurturing 

    Continuously stay in front of your customer, keep them up to date with what is going on in your business, and help educate them on topics in the marine industry. Email marketing is the perfect way to make sure your customers don’t forget about you. The key use this channel to inform your customers with useful and engaging content.

    We deliver real results for real businesses like yours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find the best SEO company?

    The best SEO companies start by understanding what success means to your business. They work with you to identify your measurable goals and then translate those goals into a disciplined process that helps your company grow. They work with you to establish baseline metrics and articulate achievable goals that you not only understand, but can clearly see how they will translate into growing your business.

    The best SEO companies don’t overload you with buzzwords or technical jargon that doesn’t provide real meaning to you. Instead, they help translate SEO from confusing technical updates to real life business success. The truly best SEO company and partner out there that’s qualified to help you grow your business can provide you with measurable results that make sense—and reassure you that you’re getting a return on your investment in digital marketing.

    We’re focused on generating measurable results that help grow your business. We partner with you to determine what metrics are most important to the success of your company, and how those are tied to specific SEO tactics. Improved site speed, increased organic traffic and higher conversion rates are all things we like to see for our clients involved in SEO services.

    In addition, We are rooted in strong values that make our team a pleasure to work with. Among many other things, we’re honest, hardworking, curious, and focused on moving the mark for your business. Learn more about our company values.

    Do I have to have a WordPress website to do SEO?

    It’s true that a website built using WordPress is much easier to optimize than one that is not. That’s because WordPress has special plugins (like Yoast SEO) that are specifically designed to make SEO easier. WordPress is also known to be much easier to navigate from a development standpoint, whereas other types of websites may be more difficult to update.

    However, that doesn’t mean our development team can’t handle it! We have helped countless clients optimize their non-WordPress sites—and even make the transition to WordPress if that’s what they decide is best.

    What results can you expect from SEO services?

    The goal of SEO is really to improve your organic search engine ranking and get discovered by the right people. The amount of people visiting your website will increase, leading to more leads, conversions and eventually sales.

    There are other more technical things that should improve with SEO services. Things like site speed and meta issues contribute to your overall ranking, so we’d expect those areas to improve.

    In addition, you can expect:

    • Site speed to improve.
    • Meta issues on the backend of your site to diminish.
    • Organic search traffic to increase.
    • Keyword ranking to improve for your targeted keywords.
    • Overall conversions to increase with time.

    What is an SEO analysis?

    An SEO analysis starts with running an audit of your website. The audit gives us insight into site speed, meta or image issues, and other things going on “behind the scenes” of your website. Once the audit is complete, that can be used to put together an analysis that answers questions like:

    • Is my website secure?
    • What keywords does my site rank for?
    • Does my site load fast enough?
    • Does my content provide value?
    • Does my content include keywords that people are searching for?
    • Is my content easy to read?
    • What kind of traffic am I getting to my website?

    We also collect some information from Google Search Console that shows us impressions versus clicks for organic search traffic. This can be an indicator of search terms that your website shows up for often, but isn’t being clicked on—and in turn gives us insight into what updates need to be made.

    We may also look at Search Console through the lens of figuring out which keywords you want your website to rank for versus what you rank for now. We’d then put together a strategy to optimize your content for those specific search terms.

    How do I know what my search ranking is?

    If you’re curious how your website ranks for a specific search term, you can enter that term into a search engine (like Google) and see where you come up. If you don’t see your company on the first page of results, there’s definitely work to be done to make your website more visible to potential customers searching for the products or services you provide.

    We have access to industry-leading tools used to pull a complete ranking report that will give you insight into what keywords you’re currently ranking for and how much competition is there.

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