Website Design & Development

Beautiful websites that are designed to help generate sales.

What We Offer

Custom Design

So you can stand out against your competitors.

Professional Copywriting

So you can connect directly with your prospects core desires and build trust in order to drive leads and sales.

12 Months free hosting

So you can focus on making money, not paying bills.

What to expect from working with VIM Web Solutions

We educate ourselves on how your client thinks and what they want most.

This step is thorough research on your company, your products/services, what you offer your clients. Then, what your clients are actually thinking about before, during, and after they need a service like yours.

This helps us identify what types of language and design styles will work best to attract and keep your ideal customers and increase conversion rates so you can make more money.

Copywriting on your site

We work with our writers to help communicate your message to connect with your prospects to aid in conversions.

We work with you to 'package' what you sell in a way that grabs the attention of your prospects by making it abundantly clear what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them so they can see themselves receiving the results they desire from the service you can deliver.

Purchase Mapping

Develop the sales path and funnel that will effectively move your prospects through the purchasing process.

Once we have your package figured out, we spend time mapping out the path prospects need to take before they are ready to buy.

Understanding your sales process and embedding all or some of it as needed in your website so you can automate and save time.

This way we can embed key elements of what your prospects need to see and understand before they would make an inquiry or purchase something.

Executing the Design

Paint the attractive design that your prospects and customers will love.

Once all your copywriting and sales processes are created and mapped, we design a beautiful website around it that your visitors will love and find easy to navigate.

This will help increase your authority in your marketplace and help you stand out as the number one business so you can generate more leads and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

It takes approximately 6-10 weeks to build a website from start to finish, providing we have all the information from you.

How do we communicate throughout the website build?

Before we begin working together, we’ll usually have an initially chat on the phone or via Google Meet to discuss the project. Once we get started, most of the communication will take place over email.

This makes the process a lot easier as we’ll have all of the information saved and can come back to it later.

What will you need from me?

It really depends on what type of website you want. We’ll be able to discuss this on our discovery call before we start working together. Depending on which package we agree on we could need…

  • Images of you and your team
  • Images of your workplace
  • Content for the website e.g. text, PDFs etc
  • Staff Profiles
  • Any Videos you would like adding to the website
  • Login details to your existing website

Some of this might already be on the existing website, in which case it can be transferred over to the new site.

What if I don’t want to manage the website at all. Can you do it all for me?

Yes, we can arrange a maintenance package to suit your needs. This can range from 1hr per month to 10 hours per month and we can discuss a package that’s right for you.

Can I update the website myself once it’s been built?

Yes. We like to offer the ability for our clients to update the website themselves. We we’ll give you all the training and tools to be able to make website amendments. We use a easy to use platform called WordPress so you can add edit and delete content without paying us to do it for you.

I want have an email signup form on my website? How can we do this?

When we design your website, we’ll build in all the features you want, including an email sign-up form. As we design all our websites from scratch, we’ll make sure it fits in with your website style and branding.

What you will need is an email marketing platform such as Aweber, Mailchimp or Convert Kit. As you’re collecting customer’s private data it’s best to invest in a secure and reliable third party service, such as these. We can set this up for you, however, these services do charge as well. For example, Aweber charges approximately $20.00 per month.

How do you build my website?

We design your website from scratch using a number of tools. We use photoshop for the first stage of the design and then move it onto the website using a platform known as WordPress.

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